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About Us

Founded in 1993 in Guangzhou, Fei Yeung Union has developed from an advertising materials supplier into a digital inkjet printing solutions supplier in the past over 20 years.

Now,with our sales and service networks established all over the world, Fei Yeung Union has received high esteem in the signs industry. Fei Yeung, in close collaboration with other international companies, is committed to bringing the best solutions for customers.

In 2001, the release of INFINIYI FY-6180, small format solvent printer, greatly lowered the entry theshold for the inkjet printing industry anddirectly promoted its vigorous development, leading solvent printer into the era of Made in China.

Around 2005, Fei Yeung Union started to work with SII Printek Inc (SPT) to develop and manufacture high resoution solvent printer, leading China inkjet printing market into high resolution era.

In the past few years, Fei Yeung Union put huge investment into textile, interior decoration,ceramics and building material, etc. Many corresponding digital inkjet printing products were introduced, leading digital inkjet printing into wide application industries era.

After years of development, digital inkjet printing has displayed unique advantages and great marketing potential. In the world full of colors, as a tool to deliver colorfulness and beautifulness, digital inkjet printing has ample scope to perform. More eco friendly consumables, higher speed and higher resolution machineries are to be expected!

The future is clean, green, and is full of hope! Fei Yeung Union is wiling to work with every partner for a better future!

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