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High Speed Solvent Printer

Model:FY-5300AT Plus
Printhead:Drop-on-demand piezo α1024HG-L / Drop-on-demand piezo,508 nozzles
Print width:5300mm
Media type:Vinyl,Fiex,Polyester,Back-lit Film,Window Film,ect.

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Product Feature

1、Negative pressure ink supply and heatable sub tanks, to supply stable and steady ink flow under all conditions.

2、High intensive cross-beam of 15cmx20cm steel,plus machine finished aluminium bar and double silent linear guide.

3、Sturdy frame structure to assure mechanic precision and printing resolution after long life of use.

4、Starry platform for perfectly balanced heating and vacuum media hold-down.

5、Pneumatic electric press handle:pneumatic electric controlled press handle of pinch rollers and feeding roll for ease of stable operation.



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