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ALAGBENI Lọ si Ibuwọlu Istanbul 23rd

Akoko: 2021-09-17 Deba: 14

Notwithstanding the prevailing pandemic, thanks to the great team of our local dealer in Turkey, CHALLENGER has attended the 23rd Sign Istanbul with great success and demonstrated two of the latest printer model of UV flatbed and large format outdoor respectively featuring the latest technology for high productivity and resolution.

Turkey is one of the most competitive markets in digital printing industry in the world with all the major brands showcasing the latest possible technologies and products to keep ahead of the competitors.

“We have initiated a very aggressive marketing campaign since beginning of this year even when the pandemic was still serious. The current critical situation has brought more challenges to the service team. But, with the confidence which we have gained from the cooperation with FYUNION in the past 15 years”, Said Mr. Arif, the general manager of the dealer of CHALLENGER in Turkey, “The two models we displayed at Sign Istanbul, are two of the most popular models which we have quite a few installations. The UV flatbed FY-2030G is very popular and highly regarded by our customers in industrial customers, and the large format printer FY-3200AT Plus is the ideal choice for customers who care about both quality and speed. With these models and the professional service of our team, I believe we can bring more edges to our customers”


FYUNION, ti o da ni ọdun 1993, ti o da ni Shanghai, China, jẹ olupese ti ọna kika awọn ẹrọ atẹwe inkjet nla fun ami, asọ, awọn ohun elo ile, apoti, wiwa ọkọ, ohun elo ẹbun ati awọn nkan ti ara ẹni, ti o ni ifihan UV, epo -ilẹ, idapo, ati tuka inki. Lori oke ti iyẹn, a pese ojutu titẹjade inkjet oni -nọmba fun idagbasoke awọn ẹrọ atẹwe fun alailẹgbẹ ati idi ti adani.

About Sign Istanbul
Sign Istanbul is an international expo featuring machinery for digital printing, screen printing, and textile printing, as well as laser machines, LED systems, industrial advertising products, inks, 3D printing technology and visual communication and display equipment, which is based in Istanbul and they have just held the 23rd annual event in Sept, 2021.