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Large Format Inkjet Printer FY-3200AT MINI

Вақт: 2021-12-20 Хитҳо: 3

Shanghai, China, Dec. 19 2021

3200AT mini_XG

FY-3200AT Mini is developed for demand of massive productivity. The latest and most productive industrial printhead from SPT, Alpha 1024HG was used on the printer with lots of specially and uniquely designed features, such as reinforced stainless steel frame structure, waste ink collection system, auto smart tension bar for unattended printing, as well as ink level detectors in main tank and waste ink tank.
The printer is packed with creatively designed knock-down structure to load 18 units in a 40’ high container, which saves dramatically in transportation cost, especially in the past years while the freight cost has skyscraped badly.

About SPT Alpha 1024HG

The SPT Alpha 1024HG printhead has high high nozzle density with 1024 channels and a high driving frequency. The printhead offers two versions with different droplet size of 10pl and 25pl, with excellent dot placement accuracy and outstanding stability at printing on high speed.

AT New Infiniti

Дар бораи FYUNION

FYUNION, ки соли 1993 таъсис ёфтааст, ки дар Шанхайи Чин воқеъ аст, истеҳсолкунандаи чопгарҳои калони формати inkjet барои лавҳаҳо, нассоҷӣ, масолеҳи сохтмонӣ, бастабандӣ, бастабандии мошинҳо, ашёи тӯҳфаҳо ва мақолаҳои фардикунонӣ мебошад, ки дорои ултрабунафш, эко ҳалкунанда, ҳалкунанда ва рангҳои пароканда мебошанд. Илова бар ин, мо як ҳалли чопии рақамии inkjet барои таҳияи принтерҳо барои таъиноти беназир ва фармоишӣ пешниҳод менамоем.