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FY-1800MS, eco solvent printer at size of 1.8M with printhead option of Epson I3200/U1 and F printhead.

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Shanghai, China, Sept. 11 2021

Keep bettering for higher resolution and more ease of use

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FY-1800MS, eco solvent printer at size of 1.8M with printhead option of Epson I3200/U1 and F printhead.

This printer is designed for high-level eco solvent printing for indoor applications to be viewed in near distance. Quite a few identical designs are used to deliver high quality in short lead time, and with long service life, such as edge restraint with stainless steel, low ink detector, auto contour printing, alloy aluminum platform, smart heating control system and extra strong corrosion resistant rubber caps.

 “As customers’ demand on printing quality and resolution keeps going up, Epson I3200 printhead and the unique F printhead are good choices to deliver high quality in short lead time” Said Mr. B. J. Wu, the Manager of FYUNION’s R & D Center, “On FY-1800ES, we have quite a few identical designs, with which, we believe this printer is the best choice among its like for customers who care about quality, ease of use and long service of life.” he added.

About Epson I3200 printhead
Epson PrecisionCore printheads embody technology that enables outstanding image quality, productivity, durability and printhead scalability.  With a compact form factor accommodating four separate colours at 600dpi, the I3200 is easy to carriage-mount, making it ideal for low-cost, multi-pass printers such as those used in direct-to-garment textile printing.  The head is also attractive in single-pass applications requiring ultra-low cost without sacrificing print resolution, including on-demand, colour book printing and direct-to-shape product personalisation.  Compatible with water-based, UV or eco-solvent inks, the heads can also be used in any number of functional inkjet applications.

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Ngeunaan FYUNION
FYUNION, didirikeun taun 1993, dumasarkeun di Shanghai, Cina, mangrupikeun pabrik printer format inkjet ageung pikeun signage, tékstil, bahan bangunan, bungkus, bungkus kendaraan, barang kado sareng artikel personalisasi, anu nampilkeun UV, eco solvent, solvent, sareng bubarkeun inks. Lian ti éta, kami nyayogikeun solusi cetak inkjet digital pikeun pamekaran printer pikeun tujuan unik sareng khusus.