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3 Units of FY-2030G Installed in a Row

Laiks: 2021-08-16 Rezultāti: 5

The customer approached FYUNION years back with the demand to print on bathroom mats to offer personalized printing service and broader range of applications to capture new business opportunities and enjoy new revenue streams. We spent long time at the customer’s facility investigating to find out the pains they were suffering, as well as the expectations to expand new market. After we fully understood what they wanted to accomplish in the business, we typically created a customized plan. We overcame a lot of challenges, one after another, to make sure each and every request from the customer is 100% addressed and realized.

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The INFINITI FY-2030G, with customized features and designs, meet the customer beyond expectations. “The team of FYUNION have very professional graphics and printing background. On top of that, they paid attention to every single of my requirement, and modified the printer accordingly” Said the owner of the customer company, “They did this because they know what the printing result needs to be, and they know my business better than me myself. These printers offer flexibilities to our existing customers and grow our appeal to new customers from different market sections ”.

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“We are committed to driving digital transformation from within the industry to outside the industry. Beside professionalism, the passion I have seen in every member of the team played an important role to make all this happen. I believe we will be part of our customers’ long-term success” Said Mr. Zheng, the general manager of FYUNION. 


FYUNION, kas dibināta 1993. gadā un atrodas Šanhajā, Ķīnā, ir lielformāta tintes printeru ražotājs zīmēm, tekstilizstrādājumiem, celtniecības materiāliem, iepakojumam, transportlīdzekļu iesaiņojumam, dāvanu un personalizācijas izstrādājumiem, kas aprīkoti ar UV, eko šķīdinātāju, šķīdinātāju un dispersijas tinti. Papildus tam mēs piedāvājam digitālās tintes drukas risinājumu printeru izstrādei unikāliem un pielāgotiem mērķiem.