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New Launch of UV Roll to Roll Printer FY-UV1800MS

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Shanghai, China, Aug. 19 2021

Amazing Quality, Advanced Application, Affordable Price


FY-UV1800MS, a new launch of UV roll to roll printer at size of 1.8M with printhead option of Epson I3200/U1 and F printhead.

This printer is designed for high-level printing on roll to roll media, especially backlit and fine art production where image quality is the key concern. The printheads are installed at 3 rows, which can print 3 different images in one go, like the popular printing of image + white+ image for day and night-time application. The unique design of edge Restraint with stainless steel edge holders prevent crashes and interruptions to operation by keeping wavy or curly material edges flat and straight.

 i3200 ph

i3200 single

“As customers’ demand on printing quality and resolution keeps going up, Epson I3200 printhead is a good choice for quality printing without sacrificing speed” Said Mr. B. J. Wu, the Manager of FYUNION’s R & D Center, “On FY-UV1800MS, we have quite a few unique designs to utilize the advantages, and to maximize the potential of the potential of the printhead. We believe this printer is a perfect choice for our customers who care about quality and ease of use.” he added.


About Epson I3200 printhead

Epson PrecisionCore printheads embody technology that enables outstanding image quality, productivity, durability and printhead scalability.  With a compact form factor accommodating four separate colours at 600dpi, the I3200 is easy to carriage-mount, making it ideal for low-cost, multi-pass printers such as those used in direct-to-garment textile printing.  The head is also attractive in single-pass applications requiring ultra-low cost without sacrificing print resolution, including on-demand, colour book printing and direct-to-shape product personalisation.  Compatible with water-based, UV or eco-solvent inks, the heads can also be used in any number of functional inkjet applications.


Informazioni su FYUNION
FYUNION, fondata nel 1993, con sede a Shanghai, Cina, è un produttore di stampanti a getto d'inchiostro di grande formato per segnaletica, tessile, materiali da costruzione, imballaggi, confezioni di veicoli, articoli da regalo e articoli per la personalizzazione, con inchiostri UV, ecosolventi, solventi e dispersi. Inoltre, forniamo soluzioni di stampa a getto d'inchiostro digitale per lo sviluppo di stampanti per scopi unici e personalizzati.



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