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1800ms Installation

Ka manawa: 2021-09-06 Nā Hits: 6

Shanghai, China, Sept. 3, 2021
Installation of Printer Frame of FY-1800ES


FY-1800MS, the very first model of eco solvent printer manufactured by  FYUNION, is running with the latest printhead from EPSON, I3200/E1. With quite a few unique designs for the purpose of ease of use and maintenance, it is a cost effective and user friendly choice for customers who care about quality, speed, ownership cost and running cost under the challenging situations.

For this purpose, the printer is packed in a very compact way to save warehouse and transportation space and cost. Considering the unprecedented skyscraping sea freight due to the pandemic, this uniquely designed compact package brings more edges to our customers.

In order to accommodate the printer in a small crate, the printer frame is knock down to fit inside. When customer opens the crate to install, the printer frame needs to be assembled in advance. For which, we prepared clear guide in writing and video to make the procedures as easy as possible.

Here we have some clips of the video to show how the assembly is done.

About Epson I3200 printhead
Epson PrecisionCore printheads embody technology that enables outstanding image quality, productivity, durability and printhead scalability.  With a compact form factor accommodating four separate colours at 600dpi, the I3200 is easy to carriage-mount, making it ideal for low-cost, multi-pass printers such as those used in direct-to-garment textile printing.  The head is also attractive in single-pass applications requiring ultra-low cost without sacrificing print resolution, including on-demand, colour book printing and direct-to-shape product personalisation.  Compatible with water-based, UV or eco-solvent inks, the heads can also be used in any number of functional inkjet applications.



E pili ana iā FYUNION
FYUNION, hoʻokumu ʻia i ka makahiki 1993, hoʻokumu ʻia ma Shanghai, Kina, he mea hana i nā mīkini paʻi inkjet nui no nā mea hōʻailona, ​​ulana lole, nā mea kūkulu hale, ʻōpala ʻana, nā ʻāpā kaʻa, nā lako makana a me nā ʻatikala pilikino, e hōʻike ana iā UV, solvent eco, solvent, a hoʻopuehu i nā inika. Ma luna o kēlā, hāʻawi mākou i ka hopena paʻi paʻi inkjet uila no ka hoʻomohala ʻana i nā mea paʻi no ke kumu kū hoʻokahi a pilikino.