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Como voa o tempo!

Tempo: 2021-08-23 Golpea : 11

I clearly remember all the details when we finalized the deal to ship 30 units of #Challenger FY-3278N by air to Mexico for the presidential campaign of Mr. Peña Nieto in 2011, to print 3 million square meters within 1 month. Considering the significance and time limit of of the project, lead time and printer stability were the main concerns. After weighing all the options back and forth, the customer finally offered the deal to us. And we had done everything necessary to make the project run smoothly.


By the way, the installation and operation for all the printers was done with help of only one engineer from the factory, thanks to the ease of operation and stability of the printers.


And everybody knows the result of the campaign, Mr. Peña Nieto won the election and served as the 64th President of Mexico from 2012 through 2018.

#FY-3278N #CHALLENGER #INFINITI #Largeformatinkjetprinter #FYUNION

Acerca de FYUNION
FYUNION, fundada en 1993, con sede en Shanghai, China, é fabricante de impresoras de inxección de tinta de gran formato para sinalización, téxtiles, materiais de construción, envases, envoltorios de vehículos, artigos de regalo e artigos de personalización, con tintas UV, eco solvente, disolvente e dispersa. Ademais diso, ofrecemos solución de impresión de inxección de tinta dixital para o desenvolvemento de impresoras con fins exclusivos e personalizados.