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UV applications

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Abstract:Application on construction and interior decoration:Customized uv printing contributes brand new home decoration ideas:p


Application on construction and interior decoration:
Customized uv printing contributes brand new home decoration ideas:painted wooden board,painted ceilings,painted ceramic tiles and painted glass etc will dramatically become the new trend for interior decoration.Brilliant colors,printed in exaggerated way with delicate patterns and perfect quality,make this UV printed materials outstand from the rest.At present,customers pay more attention to the unique style of decoration,also care about environment when making home decoration and choosing the materials.UV flatbed printer lives up to customized and artstic requirements.


Applications on 3C home appliances:
The application of UV flatbed printer in the home appliance industry help to make the simple patterns more eye catching,and adds value to the product itself by providing fast changing patterns.This also works as a barrier for those illegal imitations.
Computers,mobile phones,digital cameras,these digital products update everyday,People cares not only the functions of digital products,but also the appearance.Innovation is always limited technically and materially.While,the introduction of UV printing brings new technology to home appliance,which removes the limitations on raw material,handcraft and appearance design.It is as simple as to print a picture in a photo studio.


Applications on advertising and signage:
UV flatbed printing is a perfect combination of UV-curable ink and digital printing technology.It can directly print pictures on substrates like KT board,Chevron board, plexiglass, aluminum,aluminum compostie panel and other kinds of advertising substrates.UV flatbed is the substitute for inkjet printing plus lamination but without bubbles or peeling off , and faster in speed.A variety of printing technology is available to create 3D,reflective effect, which makes the signage more vivid and eye-catching.


Applications for gift packaging:
With the development of advanced technology like digital technology,economy and environment awareness,as well as the changes in the printing market,flexo printing,inkjet printing or printing with more than one technology in one process, are more and more widely used.The packaging and labeling for the famous brand products,a simple printing technology can not achieve a highly expected result.To combine flexo,gravure,screen printing and UV digital printing technology to avoid the lack of single printing.Unit-type flexo printing production lines,with gravure printing,screen printing,group exchange,combination printing,and can achieve glazing,hot stamping,laminating and other on-line printing processing.Such a product become absolutely unique and no way to be copied.


Leather applications:
With environment friendly flexible UV ink,which is excellent in stretch and ductility,we can print a variety of personalized designs and imagines on real leather or artificial leather.This help shorten the update period,and add value to the product itself.It suits the requirements on sample products,limited products or urgent orders.

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